Serrano Lofts Apartments - 17 Williams St. SW, Grand Rapids,
Michigan, 49503 - Phone: (906) 932-5500 - Toll Free: (888)
576-6468 - Fax (906) 932-5158
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In the heart of Grand Rapids, Serrano Lofts is a
beautifully restored historical building, originally
constructed circa 1917. Featuring fifteen stunning
loft-style units, ranging from 600-850 square feet of
living space, Serrano Lofts will be open in the
summer of 2011. Bold contemporary design and
modern amenities compliment the elegance of the
past. This is truly a unique opportunity to enjoy the
best of both worlds.
Serrano Lofts - Grand Rapids, MI
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Serrano Lofts
3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Serrano Lofts
Kristine Hibbard Manager